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are the interpretation keys through wich we open the doors of research in unique solutions to enhance imagination, knowledge, creativity and interaction.

Digital handicraft to remix the world and creare Art, we are Streamcolors.

As a digital art studio specialized in real-time software development we produce interactive solutions for worldwide clients such as cultural institutions, companies and brands.

Almost 20 years ago we started our artistic research creating a new visual alphabet based on the Giants, 3d digital sculptures and tools to connect people and art in an unexpected way.

In 2020 we won the Epic Games Mega Grant for innovation thanks to Streamcolors Machine, a real-time software to create generative art born from our 3d Giants alphabet.

Streamcolors Machine (app and immersive art installation) is able to remix photos and open the doors to a new perception of the visible in an abstract, interactive and unforgettable way. 

The concept of finding new, fantastic realities within the existing one has caught the attention of worldwide clients and over the years we realized several big international works from Italy to USA, Canada, England, Netherlands and Russia.

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